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Modeling & Photography is my Passion!

I've been modeling outfits since about 2017 & I have found great passion in doing so. I have found much love and enjoyment over the years trying new things and testing my abilities.

I try my best to achieve as much as I can with the amount of time I have, life is very short.

My ultimate goal is to make a place where I feel comfortable and have people that support me around me motivating me to continue my work.

I love hanging out with fans and have an open FAN-ONLY discord server to talk to my fans which can be found in my "Hangout with me & vents!" tab.

Please do not purchase any photosets labeled "nude" if under the age of 18


Hello photographers! it's quite awesome you want to photoshoot with me! Let's do it!

Photographers how to contact:

*email me @ [email protected]

*please include in subject line: "photoshoot inquiry"

How to get a chance to work with me:

*Include a link to your portfolio

*your charge rate or how much you'll pay me

*transportation fee coverage

*where you want to shoot

*what you want to shoot

Natasha Klug aka Invadernoodles Bio

Hello! my name is Natasha Klug or I'm otherwise known online as Invadernoodles! I grew up in Eugene, Or where I was born, I went to way too many middle schools and highschools since we moved a lot. I got my GED when I turned 16 and went straight to college for about 2 years then I quit because it costed too much. I'm currently saving up to go back to college in May, 2018. I was born on April 5, 1999 right after easter. I have 1 full blood brother (same dad same mom) and 2 half bood brothers (same mom different dads) I live a very happy life doing what i like, and hope you do as well. I have many mental health conditions I seek therapy for including Depression & an anxiety disoder which im on prescription medication for. Mental health sometimes prevents me from my work, so if I'm not posting I'm probably just struggling (but getting better don't worry about me loves).

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