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Invadernoodles  Poems

an ongoing series of poems written by invadernoodles & audio versions

True Happiness - Poem written by Invadernoodles

January 15, 2018

In the beginning there's death

Wilting, failing, starting

True happiness is the only thought left

No antidote to the sins I've caused

Smiling, dismal, regret

The purpose I seek is always roaming

Burrowing into my bones, but then escapes

Smiling, peace, growing empty

In the end starts life

-written by Invadernoodles on 3/15/2018 1:40 am

Audio Version of True Happiness Poem

Black video only audio

Audio version of True Happiness poem written by: Invadernoodles

Voice of audio: Invadernoodles

Anomaly- Poem written by Invadernoodles

March 28, 2018

A anomaly can change any thought the moment it occurs

You can rewrite everything you believed

And that's an interesting reconstruction

In every culture something can be perceived as good or bad

Anything that is negative

Can have a positive effect for one person

Any crime any duplication and change in a word

Every single slur and word meaning disclosure

Is a opening statement

We decided what is bad what is right

What is mass bad

Your own truth is an interesting hypothesis

With patience your mind could be the anomaly that changes everything

Every single view we've encountered and agreed with

is just a spec on the spectrum of closing yourself up to being open to being wrong

we all want to be right but get passed that

Discuss it find why it could be wrong

Prove your thoughts wrong or right

Because in the end

We are always wrong

And never correct

Enjoy and start questioning

-written by Invadernoodles on 3/28/2018 10:27 PM

Desperate- Poem written by Invadernoodles

January 15, 2018

Tell me what you are so desperately searching for

I ignore the pins in your heart that pierce you, because I want to

i set on your insecurities, I jump at every chance I get

I'm always the reason they go farther surging

Is it painful the more I press you

Or is it me that’s hurting

I can't figure out if I need an escape or a box to keep myself in

Which one of us is desperate for a release this time

This emerald fire burning vain!

Do you hear that clicking

that chiming

the more the clock keeps turning, spinning


your running out of time! your out of time

ESCAPE ESCAPE try to escape me!

Try it! Why don't you try anymore?

Falling apart minute by minute

Clearing, rough, sacred, escape

The desperate notes fly off the sheet, but why do they still appear unhinged

Gone you are, no wait here you are!

Where am I? Frequently not there.

Flight isn’t an issue but my own damages keep me from escape

I’ll stay until I learn my lesson

Desperate to erase our mess up

-written by Invadernoodles on 3/15/2018 2:21 am

Audio Version of Desperate Poem

Black video only audio

Audio version of Desperate poem written by: Invadernoodles

Voice of audio: Invadernoodles

Expectations- Poem written by Invadernoodles

January 15, 2018

Help me begged the brainwashed man

The man I could not help

For I don’t like being on his side the most

Especially for what he’s done

What can I do for him I wonder sometimes

I ponder on this, but I must repress it

This sad mans done everything to me

Forgotten memories of a man I love

A piercing play on my destruction

A dream I couldn’t embody

It's you whos left me all alone or maybe its me who decided to leave you

I chased a version of myself that wasn’t good for me

I became what he wanted but I lied to the sin he warned me of behind his back

Expectations are pointless father

I lied to myself far too long I got trapped inside your ideals

I believe in them I was raised on them

My father, my father I’m not sorry, but sometimes I cry at night

Knowing this part of me you don't love

But you can’t force a living being to abide by you

Father, I regret nothing except pretending to be what you wanted in my past

I could find my way but you’d still tell me my identity is wrong

Your morals are flawed

Your set on an escape in the end

An escape which has no proof

Rules you've broken so many, but you believe you are set still

A man that creates more problems then reasons

A god that doesn’t love but sends to damnation

A book of hell not love

A contradicting love, i love you but fuck you

live by love hate no one, but fuck the gays,

Seriously that's what it says

Father I love who ever i love

Not because I want to go to the devil

But because I love them

Love knows no bounds you asshole

Father your expectations killed us

Our relationship is void


-a poem written in  middle school by Invadernoodles- posted 3/15/2018 2:33pm

Audio Version of Expectations Poem

Black video only audio

Audio version of Expectations poem written by: Invadernoodles

Voice of audio: Invadernoodles

Sampler Man- Poem written by Invadernoodles

March 21, 2018

Drinking man, smiling man

only happy as a sampler man

life only has meaning if you are doing something wrong

sampling, grieving man

what is fun?

how do I have fun?

well you can be like me a sampler man!

only happy when drinking, smoking, being the center of attention

only happy when sampling

settling isn't that fun for a man like you

So it's time to have fun!

the only way I know how to

-a poem written by Invadernoodles- posted 3/15/2018 6:30 pm

Audio Version of Sampler Man Poem

Black video only audio

Audio version of Sampler Man poem written by: Invadernoodles

Voice of audio: Invadernoodles

What is love? - Poem written by Invadernoodles

March 24, 2018

What is love?

Love isn’t a game you can put a foot in and retract it

Once you press start it’s the end game love

It’s simple in the fact it’s unavoidable 

Love is like a missile that chases you forever but never hits you

Something that will make you nervous

Even if you ignore it

Anxious because it will always be there

Stalking you, that kind of love

Darling you may decide which is better for you

But your soul will be void, sold

if you heart isn’t there..

Love is not something that can be chosen

Love is the eternal thing that never stops

Love is a unclean feeling that will never stop

a relentless progressing cancer.

Pushing and driving you mad

If you think the feeling you have is love

And if it ends it wasn’t love, it was a time piece

Love is an endless thing

Love is a dream of a dream 

A hurting happy thing.

Don’t mistake infatuation for love

For this romantic kind of love only happens once

What is love?

Well, it’s hard to explain 

Once you finally retrieve it, try to nurture and accept it

Then love, my dear lad, can be a truly engrossing thing

- A poem written by Invadernoodles- posted 3/24/2018 2:08 AM

How do I find love? - Poem written by Invadernoodles

Where is love how do I find it

How do I find love?

Where ist it be it’s never here in front of me

Is it under this table where I drink my wine and sell my oats

Is it under the chair of my mother I hate her the most

Listen listen here fair child poor mother

Love is a journey that won’t just come your way

I say I say

If you really want it go! go looking far away

If you try hard enough and seek and seek

You might find love at your feet

I promise it won’t be waiting for you on a silver platter on your doorstep.

But if you just wait around snug and lumber, sad and sound

Love will just get away so it’s time

Let’s find it and make our final great getaway! 

-Poem posted and written by invadernoodles, posted at 3/24/2018 at 2:29am

Why do we need love? - Poem written by Invadernoodles

Why do we need love?

Love isn’t something that is needed necessarily 

But love always seems to fill some of your own emptiness

Im used to sitting around always by myself

and the things we all use to fuel this loneliness are negative

Will love always be bad..?

I’m not quite sure.

But it can be.

Love is a thing you must be careful of

Everyone’s obsessed with it!

That light you perceived as good may be honestly wrong

Don’t be curious don’t be stupid 

Misses why do I need this miserable love..

Finding the wrong person could ruin everything

Or send you to your fate

Just be safe, miss don’t get too attached to one out of the billions

The balloons strings you’ve drawn attached to  

Because fatal it can be for you misses..

When you answer your own question that 

You bottom line need love 

That thought can have endless consequences 

Written by invadernoodles posted at 3/25/2018 at 12:05 am PST

Your Obsession- Poem written by Invadernoodles

January 15, 2018

Your obsession

I've seem to become

everything you think of

in the back of your mind you can't wait for me to post

you hope i have new things you can shitpost

is she sad, is she mad, did she post new pictures?

did she get deleted, oh i hope i can leak it!

it makes me feel better! oh it makes for good fun

Your so obsessed its kind of funny

no matter what i do, your here and you say your not

i just made this website but still your looking searching

you wont get off my back

I'm your obsession negative or positive

always looking at me

saying I'm the negative one when your the scum

always shitting on me

you think it effects me, no just annoys me

your always under my thumb

go get your own life

stop focusing on mine

you piece of crap find better ways to have fun

i'm fucking human your just a disgrace

focusing on things you don't like

why don't you go promote people you like and fuck off

I'm your obsession

your seriously stupid making forums about me

this will be on it and it only proves one thing

your wasting your fucking time and your sad as fuck.

-a poem written by Invadernoodles- posted 3/15/2018 5:40 pm

Audio Version of Your Obsession Poem

Black video only audio

Audio version of Your Obsession  poem written by: Invadernoodles

Voice of audio: Invadernoodles

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