Used Clothing/Lingerie Guide

New Lingerie and Clothing released every other month after Photoshoots.

Are they used?

Every clothing listing here is used and worn by me.

Shipping Info.

I ONLY SHIP TO USA. nowhere else! Shipping price is included in listing. I ship every Wednesday! 

How long have they been worn.

They have been worn for at least 7 hours minimum. washed and then reworn for video and pictures. and try on before sent out and washed again. If you want anything a specific way please email me and we can discuss it.

When will you list more?

when i have more to sell. check back another time <3

every few months. 

they come with a try on video (2 minutes) and a small selfie bundle of 16 pictures.

Currently i am sold out of costumes, swimwear, clothing, socks & underwear please check back at a different time :)

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